A perfectly looping video of an approximate solution to a 3-body problem. This is fun because 3-body systems are known to have highly chaotic dynamics, and so should not generally have any periodic behavior. The solution in this video was generated by a trajectory optimization where the trajectory of each body was constrained to start and end at the same position. The whole system was optimized to respect F=MA at each time step.

The same as the 3-body problem above, but with more bodies.

spider 1 spider 2 Made with Jake Panikulam. A spider posed using an optimization that sticks feet to the floor while maintaining natural joint angles. Rendered using a shader written just for this geometry to achieve nice soft shadows.

mesh sdf A mesh (green surface) has its SDF approximated by the SDF of some spheres. The spheres are optimized so that the SDF of the spheres matches well the SDF of the mesh in the rectangular region highlighted in green. This kind of thing is useful for accelerating certain geometric operations on meshes.

A stone building is generated by packing rocks into a design mesh (blue). This is implemented as an optimization. Partway through the video, I activate an additional cost that causes the stones to rotate so that they are oriented with their wide axes parallel to the ground, giving a more natural final appearance to the building.

emissive mesh An emissive mesh shader

A 3D visualizer written in Rust.